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What is blue collar management software?

Blue collar management software is a specialised system to help staffing businesses and recruitment agencies who manage a blue collar workforce run their business more efficiently. This means finding the right candidates with appropriate skills that are available, matching them as quickly as possible with your clients’ jobs, capturing the time they work, translating their timesheets into payroll and then invoicing clients. This is even more critical in blue collar which is commonly known for high volumes of workers and the fast pace.

This area of staffing can also be known as contingent labour, short-term labour, labour hire, blue collar labour hire, blue collar recruitment or fast moving labour hire.

Compared to any business software, blue collar-centric recruitment systems are specialized and tailored to accommodate the diverse functions of your agency. 

All blue collar management software differ in functionality. Some manage finding the right candidates, some placing them in jobs, some doing compliance checks, while others in capturing their time. The most advanced systems will cover all of these processes from end to end.

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Who is blue collar management software for?

Blue collar management software is for anyone that needs to recruit, time, pay and bill high volumes of blue collar workers. This can be small, medium or enterprise staffing businesses, most commonly recruitment agencies. In particular, any agencies that are manually managing processes will struggle to maximise their profit margins and grow their business.

Software that is built to serve businesses of all these sizes will promote and facilitate your business's growth, allowing you to start small and take on more candidates and new clients as you grow. Plus, it should be customizable to fit your needs. 

Common industries where these workers are in high demand are construction, transport and logistics, manufacturing, engineering and trades.

3 questions you need to ask image-1Thinking your business might need a change in software? Perhaps it's time to review your business processes and find out. To help you get started...

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What does blue collar management software do?

A blue collar management system will help you manage these key functions: 

Recruitment - easily manage your large blue collar workforce, including filling jobs with the best candidates, fast. 

Timesheets - capture and approve timesheets online and with automation.

Paying Candidates - pay your large workforce against complex awards and agreements.

Billing Clients add your on-costs and invoice your clients accordingly.

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Dash Construction Solutions use recruitment software to halve payroll time & grow


Dash Construction Solutions started their trades and labour hire agency in 2018 and are already growing fast. With clear goals from the outset, Director David Rolleston made all the necessary investments in location, staff and by no exception, their recruitment software, seeking an "off the shelf product that we could tweak to suit out business and be ready to go.” 

“We want scalability of revenue where we can have three to five times as many contractors and won’t need a payroll team that is three to four times bigger than what we’ve currently got."

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Why blue collar management software is important

Blue collar management software is specifically designed to help solve the key challenges of managing blue collar workers, such as:

  • Quickly responding to clients’ needs

  • Managing high volumes of workers and the complexity of blue collar industries

  • Reducing manual handling

  • Retaining good quality candidates

  • Managing cashflow to be able to take opportunities when they arise

Here's an article that takes a closer look at each of these key challenges.

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Are spreadsheets killing your business? 

5 reasons spreadsheets are killing your business capture ImageAs your business grows, spreadsheets can start to do more harm than good.

Check out the five signs that show it's time for your business to make a change with our free, downloadable whitepaper.

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Real-life examples

self service portal

Quickly respond to new client requests

In the last 2 years, employment for plumbers have grown by 11.3%*

Knowing the demand for plumbers, does your team have the ability to save time and get ready for the next client request?

Blue collar software can help your team be proactive and save time in several ways, including marking preferred/unpreferred candidates for plumbing jobs and certain clients, and setting up job order templates with shift times, pay awards and agreements, skills and qualifications required and more.

*Job Outlook, Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations, referenced in Plumbers Skills Profile, Chandler Macleod

candidate searchEasily manage high volumes

There are a total number of 1,045,400 construction industry workers in Australia* yet talent is still dire.

Blue collar recruitment agencies (such as those in construction) typically work with clients that demand lower margins based on a high volume of candidates.

Therefore, the ability for your team to process applications fast, identify the best candidates, ensure they have the right qualifications and fill them to a job is imperative. Blue collar management software can simplify and streamline your workflows right down to the stage of invoicing clients based on candidate payroll and the addition of on costs. 

*Plumbers Skills Profile, Chandler Macleod


Improve your candidate experience

The most important job environment factors that influence the work of construction managers are using email (100%), phone (99%) and face-to-face discussions (98%)*

Fight and retain your talent in a competitive industry by ensuring they have an easy and smooth experience with you.

To help you effectively communicate and engage your candidates, good blue collar recruitment systems help you automate branded emails and SMS to send individually or in bulk. Plus, good systems give candidates access to 24/7 online portals to submit timesheets for approval, view payslips and update their key information.

*Construction Managers Skills Profile, Chandler Macleod

payReduce admin, manual processes and accurately process complex payroll faster

Chasing your candidates for timesheets, then manually uploading this into your system, translating this into payroll and interpreting complex awards and agreements is both stressful and time consuming.

Advanced blue collar software can eliminate the need for paper entirely by automating, collecting and approving timesheets online, then seamlessly translate this into payroll fast and accurately. That's the power of cloud software, and those that manage timesheets and payroll all on one system. 

Read how Logical Staffing Solutions saved half a day with better processes

TTH-hero-banner_4General Manager of Finance & HR, Rachel Kelly, emphasized a key role in their successful transition to FastTrack360 cloud software in such a short period of time was the business's heavy reliance upon the Professional Services team having extensive experience implementing for recruitment agencies and FastTrack360 being well established in the industry.

Find out more about how Logical Staffing Solutions made their software selection decision, the implementation process and the results they've achieved since, including saving a half a day with better processes. 

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The Benefits

The right blue collar management software for your business will help maximise efficiency, facilitate growth and empower your users. When considering software vendors for your business, understand the benefits from the outset and compare these with your business goals to see if they align. (You can find more about setting goals here.)

As a start, check out some of the core benefits a good blue collar software should include:

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Why you need to choose software you can't outgrow

Growth should mean more revenue, more profit, a higher calibre of clients and a brighter future for your business and employees. However, growing a business often causes more difficulty than it’s worth if not managed and planned properly.

In fact, 41 per cent of businesses fail because of inadequate cash flow, and 42 per cent fail because of poor strategic management, according to the Australian Securities and Investment Commission. These are both problems that often plague growing organisations.

To grow your business intelligently, without the risk of cash flow shortages and business failure, you need the right tools from day one.

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Key features to look out for

It’s easy to get lost among the many features that blue collar software can offer. It can be overwhelming. To help, note what features you think are business-critical before you even look at and compare software vendors. Some examples include advanced search and save capability, company hierarchy, 24/7 support and more. For guidance on what to look for, read our blog:

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What to expect when implementing

cogs toolsImplementing new software is a great opportunity to review your current business processes. Plus, good blue collar management software partners can help with guidance on best-practice to streamline your business from working with the leading providers of blue collar staff, to help make your business more profitable, easier to grow or more appealing for acquisition. That's why it's important to select a vendor that has a team specializing in business transition to work closely with you.

Learn more about why picking a good vendor is important for the implementation process.

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